Enjoy 8 nights of celebration and illumination!

Chanukah begins on Tuesday, Dec. 12.

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Menorah 3

Chabad will have the giant Menorah on campus, on the quad in front of the LBC!
On the sfirst night of Chanukah (Monday, December 12), Chabad will hold a Menorah lighting ceremony. There will be Latkes, Dreidels, Chocolate Gelt, Music and great Chanukah spirit. Menorah Lighting Ceremony from 5-6 PM.

Light the Menorah at Chabad
Since it can be tough to light a Menorah in the dorms, we are opening our doors every night to anyone that wants to celebrate Chanukah by lighting a Menorah, enjoying some latkes and perhaps, a chanukah fargbrengen.

Here are the times for lighting Menorahs at Chabad:

Tuesday night (1st Night) - 6:30 PM
Wednesday night (2nd night) - 6:30 PM
Thursday night (3rd night) -5:00 PM
Friday night (4th night) 4:30 PM
Saturday night (5th night) 7:00 PM
Sunday night (6th night) - 5:00 PM
Monday night (7th night) - 5:00 PM
Tuesday night((8th night) - 5:00PM