Chabad at Tulane Wish List

Friends often ask us for ideas for specifics items that can be donated to the Chabad Student Center at Tulane. To address those questions, we have created this wish list. It is a work in progress, but it will give you some idea of some of the things that we need for the Chabad Student Center.

To donate to our wish list, use the Donate page, and specify that your gift is targeted to a specific item on our wish list.


Meat slicer - $600

Kitchen Shelving - $850

Ice maker- $1500

Blodget Zephaire double convection oven - $8000 ( + Power and Installation $2800 Hood/ Vents $2000)


Shabbat Synagogue Companion (50 copies needed) - $400

Pair of Tefilin - $300

Talis (10 needed) - $60 each

Mechitza (Room dividers) - $800


Library Chairs (8 needed) - $640

Books (we have a list of hundreds of books needed for our library). Donations can be made for books in any amount. Full list of book wish list will be posted in May.


High Quality Camera - $800

Music and Speaker System for the Second floor kitchen and dining room - $1000