This May, Rabbi Leibel and Mushka Lipskier
will lead 40 Jewish students from TULANE and other schools
on a free trip to Israel,
as part of the birthright Israel program.

Registration doesn't open until January 28 2019, but now is a good time to pre-register for the trip.

For more information on the trip provider, Mayanot,

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Although there are many providers for the free birthright trip to Israel, there are several reasons that you should
consider selecting Mayanot
to provide your trip to Israel.

1) The Mayanot/Chabad trip provides the best quality accommodations in terms of hotels and food. Unlike some other providers, Mayanot is a non-profit provider, and spends all of the funds allocated by birthright israel on improving the quality of the experience.

2) The Mayanot trip is the only trip that provides an experience of Friday night at the Western Wall, which is a huge part of the overall Israel experience for almost every student that participates on the trip.

3) The Mayanot trip is usually staffed by people that are intimately familiar with the Jewish traditions that are deeply connected to the land of Israel. This makes the entire trip both extremely meaningful and very enjoyable, at the same time.
After all, you only get one chance to learn all about Israel and Judaism on the best trip of your life! Why not make sure that it will be as meaningful as possible?!

4) A lot of people that have never participated in a Mayanot birthright trip are afraid that it will be "too religious." This is because it is run by Chabad. However, everyone that goes on the trip comes back saying how amazing the experience was, and how they felt that their level of Jewish observance was completely respected, and that they had the most fun, enjoyable time, while at the same time learning so much about Judaism and Israel.



How much does it cost to go on birthright Israel?
The trip to Israel itself is free. You do have to pay whatever it will cost you to get to New York, which is where the trip will be leaving. The expenses that are paid for include a round trip plane ride from New York to Israel, all transportation in Israel, all entrance fees for the attractions and sites visited, all hotels, and almost all meals. There are a couple meals where students buy their own food. The value of the all expenses paid gift is about $10,000.

Who is eligible for the free trip?
Birthright israel is open to all Jews between the ages of 18-26, that have never been on a peer group trip to Israel. If you have visited Israel with your family, you are eligible. But, if you studied in Israel, or took a group trip like March of the Living, you are not eligible.

Is there a Tulane birthright Israel trip?
There is no specific trip that is geared toward Tulane Students. Tulane students are eligible to participate in trips that are offered by any of the birthright providers. This summer, a number of Tulane students and alumni will be taking this trip through the provider Mayanot, led by Rabbi Leibel and Mushka Lipskier.

How religious do you have to be to go on this trip?
Birthright Israel is open to every Jew, regardless of level of religious observance. There is no forced religious observance on birthright Israel. The birthright experience does encourage students to learn more about their Jewish heritage through their Israel experience.

I want to visit friends or family in Israel.
Can I do that on this trip?
While you are on the birthright Israel trip, you must remain with the group. However, trip participants are given the option of extending their stay, in order to enjoy Israel in a more individual way.

Why is it free?
Birthright Israel is an organization that believes that every young Jew should have an Israel experience at least once. The Israeli government, private philanthropists and the United Jewish Communities have teamed up to provide this experience, for free. Enjoy it!