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Passover is quickly approaching, and we are looking forward to hosting hundreds of students for the Seders, and even more throughout the festival. Our Seders are among the most popular At Tulane, we welcome everyone regardless of observance, religious affiliation or financial ability.

Our commitment is to have a place at our table for everyone

Just Consider for a moment the difference we can make in the lives of the next generation of Jews - today's college students. We wish you and yours a Kosher and joyous Passover; a time for family and tradition, a time for personal and collective redemption.

Passover sponsorship opportunities

Spring ahead Partner - $25,000
Seder Partner - $18,000
Shabbat experience Partner - $10,000  
Matza Partner - $5,000  
Haggadah Sponsor - $3,600
L'Chaim Sponser - $1,800
Brisket Giver - $1,000  
Matza Ball Giver - $540 
Dayenu Giver - $360
Sponsor a table $540 
Event Pillar $1800

Thank you for your support!

Wishing you and your family a Happy & Kosher Passover!


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