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Dear Friend

Preparations are in full swing for the High Holidays. Many students will not be able to travel home to join their family for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur & Sukkot, so here at Chabad, we are working tirelessly to provide a family style celebration for hundreds of students with that home-cooked brisket, Kugels and more.

We will also be providing hot-meals for students throughout the entire High Holiday Season! We are not supported by any organization, and all funds are raised from generous parents, friends and alumni who appreciate the work we are doing here at Tulane for the continuity of Jewish life. Make your tax-deductible donation so that every Jewish student will have a home to celebrate throughout the High Holiday Season.

Please consider sponsoring:


$25,000 - Fall Start Partner

$18,000 - dedicating High Holidays & Sukkot 2022

$10,000 - Rosh Hashanah Sponsor

$10,000 -  Yom Kippur Sponsor

$10,000 - Sukkot Sponsor

$5,000 - Holiday Co-Sponsor

$3,600 - Brisket Giver

$1,800 - Challah Giver

$1,080 - Shofar Giver

$540 - Table sponsor

$360 - sponsor one student for the holidays

Wishing you a Happy and Sweet New Year!

Rabbi Leibel & Mushka Lipskier


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