PURIM is Monday evening March 6, and Thursday, March 7. 

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Monday evening

On Monday evening, We will be reading the Megila  at 7:00 PM, followed by a Purim Party. There will also be a second Megila Reading at Chabad at 9:30 PM 


On Tuesday, you can hear the Megila at around 7:30 AM, at the Chabad 7037 Freret.

In the evening, we will be reading the Megillah again at 4:30 PM, followed by our Purim Feast.


There are four Mitzvot to be fulfilled on Purim. 1)  Hearing the Megillah twice (once on Thursday night and once on Friday). 2) Eating a Purim Feast. 3) Giving gifts of charity to the poor, or to worthy Jewish institutions. 4) Sending a gift of food to a friend, or two friends. You can fulfill the Mitzvah of giving Purim gifts by placing an order through our Purim Delivery Service.

Have a great Purim!