Main Floor

Climbing the stairs brings one into the main room 
of the Student Center.

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To the right, there is 
a small sitting area.

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To the left is the main dining area, 
with space for 
over 100  guests for 
Shabbat Dinner & other events.

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The Shabbat-Dinner Dining Room is being 
dedicated by the 
parents of the current and former students

As of the end of the fall semester, we have over 50 families participating in this dedication!


On one side of the Shabbat dinner dining room, 
we have the Handwashing Center. 

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Right near the Handwashing station is the 
Shabbat Candle Lighting Center

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As you pass through the Shabbat dinner dining hall, you enter the Main Kitchen.

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When you continue to climb the stairs, you reach the Recreation Floor.